Rules and Etiquette

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Rules and Etiquette

Post by Admin on Thu May 04, 2017 9:03 am

study Forum Rules And Etiquette
Please be responsible and respectful of others while participating within the forum.
Moderators are expected to remove anyone from the forum for violating any of these guidelines
Respect the opinions of others in the forum.
Questions and opposing opinions are expected, but please be civilised.
The use of rude or abusive language of any nature is not acceptable.
For personal safety reasons do not post home telephone numbers or addresses, or those of others.
Please do not post anything of an illegal nature, or anything which could be deemed to encourage or incite another to commit an illegal act or practice.
If you are concerned about the content of any post or that a user may not be who they purport to be, please message an admin.


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